McDonough Appraisal Service is a full service Appraisal company, here are some of the services we provide:

Appraisals for residential properties/ $350.00 to $600.00
Multi-use property Appraisals/ Call for pricing
FHA and Conventional Loan Appraisals/$450.00 FHA..$325.00 and up for Conventional
New Construction Appraisals/$450.00 and up
Land Appraisals/Call for pricing
Reviews of all types, both field and desktop/$200.00(desk) $300.00(field)
Valuations for Estate, Divorce or Tax/Call for pricing
Small Commercial Property Appraisal/Call for pricing
Rent Survey and Operating Income Statements/$175.00
Recertification/Call for pricing
Form 2055 Exterior Only/$275.00
Form 2055 Exterior and Interior (no sketch)/$300.00
Form 2055 Exterior and Interior with sketch/$325.00

Please contact us for more information about our fees and current turn-around times.